2011 National Convention in Houston TX

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Kathy Cloninger

CLICK ON PICTURE (links to YouTube) to see GSUSA CEO Kathy Cloninger admit (and has not retracted) Girl Scouts partner with Planned Parenthood

Did you know that radical feminist Betty Friedan, founder of NOW (National Organization for Women) and NARAL (National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League) was on the National Board of GSUSA for 12 years?

See the proof that Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood share the same ideology of explicit sex ed for children:

Planned Parenthood & Girl Scouts

LEARN TO SPEAK LIKE Planned Parenthood, UN, WHO and WAGGGS:

  • "Young People" = Ages 10 to 24 (there is no distinction between a pre-pubescent child and a full-grown adult with legal access to alcohol and pornography).

  • "Accessible" = without parental knowledge or consent.

  • "Comprehensive" "Informative" "Fact-based" "Good" Sex Education = every act, deviance and topic is presentable to children of any age.

  • "Inclusive" = gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender, intersex.

  • "Emergency contraception" = abortion.

  • "Peer Counseling" = bypassing parental consent and involvement by having children teach children about sex.

Do you have trouble believing the above bullets are accurate? Don't take our word for it,
















Your Donations and Cookie Sales Paid For This Line-Up

Last month (October 2011), GSUSA sent out an FAQ page for all the councils to post on their websites, once again denying they promote abortion, promiscuity, the gay-lesbian agenda or liberal politics. Yet, if you look at this line up, you would have to conclude that they just promote pro-abortion, pro-promiscuity, pro-gay-lesbian, liberal SPEAKERS AND ENTERTAINERS (paid with your donations and purchases of cookies, uniforms, books, badges, gift items, etc.).


Annise Parker



Known as the first openly homosexual Mayor of a major city (Houston) in the United States:

Sara Bareilles



Most famous for "Love Song," Sara is a prominent voice for the Gay-Lesbian agenda:

JoDee Winterhof



Vice President of the relief organization CARE, a leading international abortion advocate:

  • CARE International released an ISOFI Toolkit in 2007 touting sexual rights and how to change "gender and sexuality" "from the bottom up." ISOFI stands for Inner Spaces Outer Faces Initiative, which proclaims, "...in order for reproductive and sexual health programs to really work, they have to include gender equity and sexuality diversity...." Translation: feminism and gay-lesbian promotion will help advance the pro-abortion agenda.

  • Senior Strategist for Hillary Clinton Presidential campaign.

  • Work history at EMILY's List, a political organization that has "Help Us Elect Pro-Choice Democratic Women" on the homepage title (11-14-11).

Swanee Hunt




Born to privilege as a billionaire's daughter, Hunt is an extreme abortion rights activist:

C.J. Golden




Works with Girl Scout councils promoting New Age Taoism and "modern-day defiance."

  • Her website TaoGirl.com connects girls to explicit graphic sex info through GirlZone.com:

    -- Teenwire is Planned Parenthood's how-to on sex

    -- iEmily has "advice" on masturbation, intercourse and its alternatives.

  • May not be aware that Girl Scouts of the USA takes the official position that it does not promote religion, yet, here she is.

Monique Coleman




This "High School Musical" actress was selected to be the United Nations Youth Champion for the 2010 International Year of Youth:

  • Coleman's site GimmeMo.com promotes homosexuality through the veil of anti-bullying. One featured video, "I Am Who I Am... So Are You" (now scrubbed) features a gay couple making crude sexual comments upon meeting the first time.

  • Has worked closely on projects with UNFPA, UNICEF, UNESCO, USAID, and UN Foundation... all dedicated to promoting explicit sex education and unrestricted abortion for young children.

Sylvia R Garcia




Prominent abortion rights advocate, CEO of NALEO (National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials):

  • NALEO's "Leading for a Stronger America" conference features not one, not two, but THREE Planned Parenthood organizations: Planned Parenthood Federation of America - Planned Parenthood Trust of South Texas - Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, as well as EMILY's List (pro-abortion candidate machine)

  • Praised by Planned Parenthood CEO, Cecile Richards at NALEO's 28th Annual Conference with celebrants from Planned Parenthood Federation of America, National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, Catholics for Choice, EMILY's List and Annie's List (progressive feminist candidate machine).

Katie Couric




Ms. Couric has long been criticized as being less-than-neutral in her journalism career, but she actually revealed her feminist disdain for motherhood at the convention when addressing the crowd of 10,000:

  • QUOTE: "Women are half the population, let’s not waste all these brains on things that don’t matter,” she said. “Now more than ever Girl Scouts are needed to create the leaders of tomorrow."

Are we to gather from this comment, that women who can afford and/or choose to stay home and raise their kids -- instead of handing them over to strangers and institutions all day so Mommy can be a community activist -- are doing "things that don't matter?" Are we also to think that Girl Scouting is a replacement for traditional values because it indoctrinates children to become social and political activists "leaders of tomorrow?"

Dana Agamalian




Committee member for Planned Parenthood of Orange County, her involvement includes the following donations found in Annual Reports:

That's a minimum total of $11,000. With Planned Parenthood abortions starting at $300 per procedure, she potentially paid for 36 abortions in four years.

Debra Gano



New Age guru whose Facebook groups for girls links them to pro-abortion groups:

  • "Heart Light Girls" Facebook page likes:
    -- Planned Parenthood
    -- Planned Parenthood Mid-Hudson Valley
    -- Feministing; radical feminism with pro-abortion advocacy
    -- Advocates for Youth; abortion and gay-lesbian advocacy
    -- Women's Media Center, KidsHealth, Seventeen Magazine and Girls Incorporated

  • "Be Your Own You" Facebook page likes:
    -- Women's Media Center; partners almost exclusively with pro-abortion, radical feminists and lesbian organizations
    -- KidsHealth; looks innocuous, but has too-explicit sexual information for little kids
    -- Seventeen Magazine; links directly to Marie Claire for obscene sexual content
    -- Girls Incorporated; very pro-casual sex, pro-abortion

Marlee Matlin




Deaf actress and advocate for gay marriage:

  • Starred in the Showtime series that promotes lesbianism, "The L Word" playing a deaf sculptor in a lesbian relationship. When asked about the part, she proclaimed, “Audiences have never seen a Deaf woman and a hearing women in a relationship; it’s never been done on television before.”

  • As of November 2011, featured on the GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) livevideo.com website with a video "message of acceptance"

Catherine B. Reynolds




The Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation "Program in Social Entrepreneurship" defines "Social entrepreneurship is a form of public leadership that maximizes the social return on public service efforts while fundamentally and permanently changing the way problems are addressed on a global scale." This website then goes on to promote the racist, eugenicist and Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger as a role model:

  • "Credited with coining the term birth control, Margaret Sanger gave up her nursing career to devote herself to the cause of family planning after observing too many women and families harmed by the intersection of repeated pregnancies, poverty, and high rates of infant and maternal mortality...."

Kathy Cloninger



Recent CEO of GSUSA:

  • In 2004, on the NBC Today Show admitted, "Girl Scouts... we partner with many organizations,... and with Planned Parenthood organizations across the country...." In the following seven years, she has not retracted this statement.

  • Admits transforming GSUSA with Brian Bacon of Oxford Leadership Academy, a training "guru" who has an extensive history with cult brainwashing techniques. In other words, he helped her push forward her personal agenda to change Girl Scouting away from personal development into group-think activism.

  • Chair for National Collaboration for Youth which makes the official public policy recommendation, "Ensure access to affordable health care, including contraception, to all regardless of age." NCY is one of the "forces behind" SparkAction.org, a political youth activism site that calls for support for all-things-Obama, from green policies and national healthcare with access to abortion to the DREAM Act for illegal amnesty and Monique Coleman's Gimmemo website (see above).

  • Secretary of the board for National Assembly of Human Services, whose members make up the above National Collaboration for Youth.

  • During her speech at the National Convention, expressed her disappointment that not all girls are working for "social change" or wanting to be "leaders who change the world." She pines for "gender balanced leadership" and to "change the image of the Gold Award." "Realize a day when the world is different for girls and women," she said. The question is: is Kathy Cloninger's vision of the world the vision you have?

  • NEW PLEDGE Kathy introduced for the 2012 Year of the Girl: "In honor of the Hundreth Anniversary of Girl Scouts of the USA and in celebration of the Year of the Girl, I pledge: to advocate to help girls reach their full potential; participate and promote each girl's leadership development by being a role model, inspiring her, and supporting her desire to make the world a better place; donate whatever resources I can to help each girl strive forward." This pledge was said standing next to Mary Mc Phail, WAGGGS CEO.


Anna Maria Chavez





  • As CEO of Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas, spoke at feminist conference in 2009 whose members include two Planned Parenthood organizations as well as multiple other pro-abortion organizations.

  • Served as Deputy Chief of Staff for Urban Relations and Community Development for former Governor of Arizona and current US Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano.



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